Building Permit Masterfile

The Home Building Permit Masterfile is new to the market. This file is the most complete database of households that have taken out Building Permits for renovating, remodeling or improving their homes-enhancing its value and maintaining its general upkeep.

These consumers are financially active-making them highly responsive to offers for homeowner insurance, home equity loans, credit card offers and more.

Consumers who regularly improve where they live have their wallets open-spending money on new items. They take pride in the way their homes look, making them ideal prospects for a multitude of offers.

Pricing is based on quantity and selects please contact a representative for further details.

Total Universe= 5,702,034

Choose from a number of selects including:

  • Demolition or New Construction permit
  • Pool Permit
  • Solar Power Permit
  • Roof Permits

Quick Profile:

50% Males 42% Females

70% Income $50,000+

64% Age 34-65

61% Mail Order Buyer


Source: Building Permits