American Audiologists Master File

American Audiologists Master File

22,889 Audiologists (Au.D.)

 Audiologists Master File Profile:

Our Audiologists Master File is derived from the highest quality of healthcare information from state boards, state licensing, Medicare/Medicaid government data, medical & healthcare plans, and from our website data collection programs.

Audiologists Master File Highlights:

Dundee Data offers direct marketers access to a listing of Licensed Audiologists, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and much more…

Audiologists diagnose and treat a patient’s hearing and balance problems using advanced technology and procedures.  Most audiologists work in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, and audiology clinics. Some work in schools. Most audiologists work full time.

 Telephone Numbers 12,143                     Email Addresses       Call for counts

 Market Method:

Audiologists are required to keep up with Continuing Education, Technology, and Business Practice Methods.  Ancillary income makes them great prospects for Personal Financial, High Ticket Items, and Vacation offers.

 Terms and Conditions:

Sample mail piece is desired.  We require list use within 90 days of rental.