Online Targeted Marketing Leads

Online Targeted Marketing Leads

Dundee Data can help your business capitalize on the growing marketing channel… Email Marketing. Direct Mail and Telemarketing continue to be strong players in the direct response world, but consider Email Marketing as a part of your mix. It can work either as a stand-alone medium, or can work in conjunction with Direct Mail or Telemarketing to enhance your campaign. If you’re interested in generating new product sales… generating leads… promoting new business locations… advertising special sales events… we offer tailored email addresses and Email Blast capabilities to help you reach your sales goals. We can help you integrate Email Marketing into your marketing mix, providing you an easy and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your customers and potential buyers on your targeted consumer mailing lists.

Sudden Impact

A great many business people today – as well as consumers – spend a good portion of their day sitting in front of their computer. When the email “blast’ hits, the targeted consumer or business person sees it right away and has the opportunity to open, review the offer and take immediate action. Sudden impact. And, with no postage and print costs, it’s more economical than traditional direct response media to targeted consumer mailing lists.

New Prospect or Existing Client

Increase sales with a personalized email marketing campaigns to targeted consumers. You can use this medium to generate new business from new clients, or to generate new sales from your existing clients. You can also create “Email Newsletters” to stay in constant touch with your existing customers and keep them coming back for more.

Append… or Do a Blast

We offer Email addresses that can be appended to your current data base… and we offer lists with Emails added as a selection. We can also help you create and execute the blast, which will encompass the complete marketing effort. You can tailor the blast to meet your needs… with links to specific products, catalogs, news articles, videos, coupons, location maps. Just about anything that can be presented on the computer can be linked to an email blast.

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Call or email us today for specific information about Email Marketing. We’re focused on helping you utilize the Email Marketing channel to generate new customers, new sales and new dollars in the door!