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Data Enhancements

  • Lifestyle Appends
  • Demographic Appends
  • Telephone Appends
  • Email Appends
  • Address Hygiene
  • Merge/ Purge

Effective marketing is about using the right method to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Dundee Data Direct has the resources available to help you make all that happen through various data enhancement services. These include:

Lifestyle Appends

Are your customers or prospects interested in a particular hobby? Are they food or fashion enthusiasts? Are they avid readers or quilters? We can add these and many, many other lifestyle variables to your existing file or outside list.

Telephone Appends

Need phone numbers on a file that doesn’t include them? We can add them, or verify numbers that may be there now.

Address Hygiene

Make certain that your list is as accurate and up to date as possible. We provide NCOA and other postal services to help you do just that.

Demographic Appends

If you are utilizing your own house file or an outside list, you may need to enhance that list with specific demographics. For example, you may want to include age, income, gender, presence or age of children. These and literally hundreds of other variables can be overlaid on your file.

Email Appends

Along with the Email lists we make available, Dundee Data Direct, LLC can append email addresses to your existing files.

Merge/ Purge

Need your file deduped? Or merged with other house or outside lists? Need to suppress a customer file against a list you are purchasing? We can help maximize the effectiveness of your lists.

Demographic Appends | Telephone, Email Data Appends | Consumer and Business Data Hygiene | Data Merge/Purge | Omaha, NE

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