New Telephone Connects

Every week thousands of consumers connect new telephone lines in the U.S.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could contact those new consumers at the right time by using the right telephone number or address all with a solution customized for your operations?  With the New Connect file, you can reach consumers with your products and services as soon as they have connected a telephone.

More than 500,000 new residential telephone connections every week.  The New Connects file is the freshest data available with over 500,000 new telephone connections across the U.S. added on a weekly basis.  The New Connect File includes corresponding name and address components along with latitude/longitude coordinates on each record.  These listings are sourced from directory-assistance data with an average listing age of three to seven days.

New Connects lists can be created by Zip Code, area code, city, state or even nationwide.  At your request, the new connects can be scrubbed against the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Call Registry in order to be compliant when conducting telemarketing campaigns.  Other options include receiving all records for a target group of limiting the list size by omitting certain criteria.

New Connect sources 411 directory assistance-contains publicly available names, addresses, and telephone numbers from more than 700 sources including Regional Bell Operating Companies, local exchange carriers and independent telephone carriers.


100% telephone coverage for all files

Second lines in household can be flagged

Address hygiene and data cleansing applied

Weekly or monthly delivery available

Listing can be netted against existing customers


Pricing is based on quantity and selects. Please contact a representative today for furthur details!

Click this link to download a PDF version of this data card New Connects