Auto Data WITH Lease Expirations


Dundee Data’s ‘Auto Lease Expire’ database allows you to target potential customers whose lease is expiring within a specific time frame.

Selects Include:

  • Vehicle Lease Expiration Date
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year
  • Luxury Cars
  • Vehicle Purchase Year
  • Household Income
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Credit Card Buyers
  • Mail Order Buyers

Pricing is based on quantity and selects please contact representative for further details.

Postal and Email records are available on this file (phones are not available at this time).

Compilation: File is compiled from numerous sources such as online/offline surveys, after-market sales and service records, auto club membership info, parts, sales, after market product warranties, event signups, and more.

Pricing is based on selects and quantity. Please contact representative for further details.

Click the following link to download a PDF version of this data card: Self Reported Auto Lease Expires