American Nurses File

American Nurses File

 7.1 Million Nurses (RN, LPN, CRNA, NP)


Nurse Master File Profile:

Our Nurses Master File is derived from the highest quality of healthcare information from state medical boards, medical & healthcare plans, hospitals, and from our website data collection programs.

Nurse Master File Highlights:

Dundee Data offers direct marketers access to a listing of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses by nurse specialty, age, gender, household income, address type, state license data, telephone numbers, email addresses, and much more…


Registered Nurses  3,915,530             Licensed Practical Nurses  1,151,830

Nurse Anesthetists      51,978            Clinical Nurse Specialists      15,212

Nurse Midwives            6,650             Nurse Practitioners            128,540

Nurse Assistants    1,878,684


Telephone Numbers        2,646,203             Email Addresses             2,567,522


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Market Method:

An RN Nurses’ average annual income is $50,000, and they are making more purchasing decisions for their employers.  This makes them excellent prospects for uniforms, continuing education seminars, travel, finance & insurance, credit cards, fashion &/or supply catalogs, trade publications, journals, and much more…


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Download a PDF Version of this Data Card Here:  Dundee Data Nurses File 2012