Auto Buyer Credit Hot Leads

Dundee Data now offers a radical new automated pre-screen tool designed to quickly and accurately pinpoint new market opportunities on a daily basis.

Imagine being able to identify credit-worthy consumers at the precise moment when they’ll be most receptive to your offer. Dundee Data’s Hot Leads can do just that. How? By identifying consumers who have applied for auto credit within the past 24 hours!

The process is an enhanced pre-screen firm offer of auto credit from our licensed lending sources based on specific lending criteria. Utilizing data from credit bureau consumer files, this powerful tool will drive credit-worthy consumers to your door who have recently demonstrated interest in an auto-loan. Through our ability to identify qualified prospects when they’re actually in the market for a vehicle, you’ll raise your response rates, increase activations, lower acquisition costs, and drive revenue.

Dundee Data’s Hot Leads provide you with prospect response on a daily basis from consumers who wish to take advantage of the firm offer of credit from our licensed lending sources. An eight-week suppression file is maintained to ensure that previous hot leads are filtered out. The day after each hot lead is activated, our licensed lending sources will send the consumer, by 1st Class Post, an offer of credit consisting of a live blank check payable to your dealership which they can write for an amount between $7500 and $40,000. In addition, where phone numbers are available, a representative from our licensed lending sources will call the consumer to pre-screen, answer questions, and obtain permission for your contact. Even better – if you prefer, we can set the appointment for the consumer to come to your dealership.

There has never been an opportunity like this! Territories are exclusive if you are willing to accept all the hot leads available in your area. Don’t let your competitors access your customers the way you’ll be accessing theirs.

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