Actual Credit Scored Auto Data

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We can provide the permissible purpose you need to find the ideal leads for auto dealers, advertising agencies, and other automotive marketers.  This auto data is NOT modeled and comes directly from all three major credit bureaus.  This file is an auto dealer’s dream!  You can choose from a number of selects to help you narrow down your search.  Automobile Credit Data at its best!

MAINTENANCE:  Updated Monthly.  Guaranteed 93% deliverable (Undeliverables must be returned within 45 days of invoice date).


5,000 Name Minimum Order

Net Name is not available

Multiple Use is not available

Broker Commissions determined at time of sale

Please inquire about Telemarketing

Cancellation fee at $150.00/M

***All orders must be accompanied by an FCRA Compliant mail piece and/or telemarketing script.  Regulations will be provided upon request.


Telephones, Hispanic Surnames, Length of Residence, Age, Income, Gender, Bankruptcy Age, Bankruptcy Chapter, Repossession Status, Credit Score, Delinquent Status for Auto Trades, Bank Cards, Retail Cards – Selectable by 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 days late, Months Remaining on Auto Trade (Lease and/or Loan), Number of Open Auto Trades, Age of Most Recent Auto Trades, Highest Balance on Auto Trades, Monthly Auto Trade Payment, Make, Model, Year, and many more….

Click this link to download a PDF version:  Actual Credit Scored Auto Data