Actual Credit Scored Mortgage Data

ACTUAL CREDIT SCORED MORTGAGE DATA. We can provide your mortgage group the permissible purpose you need to find the ideal leads. This mortgage data is NOT modeled and comes directly from all three Credit Bureaus. This file is a mortgage broker’s dream. You can choose from numerous selects to help you narrow down your search. Use this data for all of your mortgage refinancing needs. Mortgage Data at its best! MAINTENANCE: Updated Monthly. Guaranteed 93% deliverable. Undeliverables must be returned within 45 days of invoice date.


  • 5,000 Name Minimum Order
  • Net Name is not allowed
  • Exchange is not available
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Reuse is not available
  • Please Inquire about Telemarketing
  • Cancellation fee at $150.00/M

All orders will require a compliant mail piece and/or telemarketing script which must be approved by our legal department prior to delivery.


  • 100,000,000 Total Universe
  • Telephones
  • Hispanic Surnames
  • Bankruptcy Chap 7 & 13
  • Beacon Score/FICO
  • Lender Information
  • Major Minor Derogs
  • Aggregate Balance for Open Mortgages
  • Aggregate Balance for All Open Trades
  • Average Age of Mortgage Tradeline
  • Current Delinquencies
  • Number of Days Late on Mortgage (i.e. 30, 60, 90 Days Late)
  • High Credit on Mortgage
  • Home Equity
  • Loan to Value Ratios
  • Length of Residence
  • Loan Dates
  • Estimated Market Values
  • Home Purchase Price
  • Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • Number of Mortgages
  • Omit foreclosures
  • Revolving Debt
  • And more…

Download PDF Version of Data Card Here Actual Credit Scored Mortgage Data