Pre Movers

Presenting your message to the proper audience can make all the difference in your next marketing promotion.  Our Pre-Mover Data enables you to pinpoint homeowners who recently listed their current home for sale and plan to move within the next 1 to 3 months.

The records obtained allow you to reach “Pre Movers” at just the right time and, perhaps most importantly, faster than ever.

The Pre-Mover Database compiles over 100,000 new listings per week and updates the data daily using a number of sources including Real Estate offerings, FSBO, newspapers, online publications and others to ensure clients have the most current information available.

The accuracy of the data clients receive provides superior opportunity to target product and services essential to changing residences through the home-buying/selling process

Major Applications:

-moving companies          -self-storage units        -home warranty

-insurance                         -mortgages                  -banking

-telephone service            -Utilities                       -and many more

Available Selects:

Current Owners Name(s)

Address, City, State, Zip

Listing Price

Square Footage

Number of Bedrooms

Number of Bathrooms

First Detect Date

Last Detect Date

And many more…

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Download a PDF version of this data card here:  PreMovers