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Follow Up February on New Year’s Resolutions !! Putting ” Your Best Foot Forward”

February 1, 2013 • Dundee Data

Happy February!!! Hope you all are having a Most Wonderful Start to the New Year! Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Two Brothers facing off in coaching the opposing teams. How Phenomenal is that?? Speaking of Phenomenal, I hope you all are off to having a Phenomenal February!!…. Last Month I discussed putting your […]

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Happy New Year From Dundee Data!

January 9, 2012 • Dundee Data

New Years Mean New Starts, New Resolutions, New Budgets, New Marketing Needs, New List Needs…..  Sometimes a New Year can be overwhelming.  We here at Dundee Data wish to make your New Year Exciting, while removing the things that can be overwhelming.  While we can’t assist you in quitting smoking, or witling down your waistline […]

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Good Morning & Happy Holidays!

December 20, 2011 • Dundee Data

As you may already know by now Dundee Data is a Family Owned company and I guess you could say we are a “Grassroots” kind of company. We have high family values, and a beautiful Midwest Culture. I guess one could say that because we are a family owned company we find things happening in […]

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