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Happy New Year From Dundee Data!

January 9, 2012 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

New Years Mean New Starts, New Resolutions, New Budgets, New Marketing Needs, New List Needs…..

 Sometimes a New Year can be overwhelming.

 We here at Dundee Data wish to make your New Year Exciting, while removing the things that can be overwhelming.

 While we can’t assist you in quitting smoking, or witling down your waistline (we can provide list of people looking to do the same J), we CAN assist you with your Marketing Needs.

 As I have mentioned before, we are a Family owned business with strong Family Values. We believe in providing excellent Marketing tools for you and your clients marketing needs.

 By tools I mean we can assist you with you Marketing Lists,  Marketing Campaigns,  Data Enhancements, and even Analytics.  I will discuss each of these in greater detail in another blog spot.

 Today I wish to discuss your Marketing List needs, specifically in the Auto Data Industry.

We are a family owned company just like many Auto Dealers. Regardless, bottom line here is that we enjoy assisting companies make money, and Dundee Data’s Auto file helps do just that! We have access to over 70,000 lists, but today I am going to tell you more about one of our lists that I work with quite a bit.  Dundee Data’s Auto File!!!!!!

 Our auto data file offers auto related information that no other file on the market today can. Our mailing list provides the most accurate vehicle information, (Owner, Address, Make, Model and Year) to allow you to get the most out of your advertising campaign.

“How current and accurate is the data?” Our auto file consists of actual vehicle information that is put through an in depth verification process allowing us to capture the best possible data. Above that, the file includes Title date information, which makes the data even more precise. A good example of this would be if you’re looking for 2002 vehicles. We would only include 2002 vehicles that have been titled within the last 24 months. Over all this gives our data a much higher accuracy rate. The file is also consistently updated through NCOA making its current deliverability rate better than 96%. The data can be selected by any choice (Make, Model, Year, and Title Date).

The Shelby Act applies to information obtained from the state, such as DMV, etc. This data is not DMV data, and is not bought from the state. This data is compiled from many sources, and run through a series of verification processes to capture the most accurate information available. This data is in full compliance with the DPPA and Shelby Act.

146,000,000+ Total Universe

 As I previously mentioned this is just one of our lists. I will be sharing more of our lists at a later time, for now I hope this information was helpful and informative.

I hope you can see that we take pride in the Marketing Details we can provide for our customers.

 If you have list needs, marketing Questions, Call Today 402- 502- LIST which is 402.502.5478.  Be sure to ask for Jules Blight. I will be happy to assist You!! I enjoy building Mutually Beneficial Marketing relationships!

Happy New Year!!


Cheers to Your Successes in 2012



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