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Here Comes Summer! Direct Mailing Lists and More

May 23, 2018 • Dundee Data

With Memorial Day rapidly approaching, the first thing that comes to mind for many of us is: SUMMER IS HERE!  That means fun holidays, warm weather, swimming pools, lakes, baseball, vacation time. And, of course, grilling! Here’s an easy one for the grill – and a favorite for many –   RIBS. Take an extra-large large aluminum […]

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USPS announces first scratch-and-sniff stamps

May 23, 2018 • Dundee Data

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service’s first scratch-and-sniff stamps will add the sweet scent of summer to letters of love, friendship, party invitations and other mailings when the Postal Service introduces the Frozen Treats Forever stamps June 20 in Austin, TX. Not a bad idea!  I wonder if the back tastes better too? Before sending […]

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2018 • Dundee Data

How many times have you heard that expression?  Just one of many foreign language words or phrases that have made it into the lexicon of our daily lives here in the United States. There are so many more. French words such as “chauffeur” or “chic” or “depot”.  Latin words such as “ad hoc” or “alias”.  German words such as […]

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