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Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2018 • Dundee Data • Direct Mailing Lists, Dundee Data News

How many times have you heard that expression?  Just one of many foreign language words or phrases that have made it into the lexicon of our daily lives here in the United States.
There are so many more. French words such as “chauffeur” or “chic” or “depot”.  Latin words such as “ad hoc” or “alias”.  German words such as “angst” or “bratwurst”.  Or how about Italian words like “al fresco” or “antipasto”.
Not only are the words used but the cultures behind them have blended into the great melting pot that is the United States.
This all makes me think of one of the great products we have available at Dundee Data.  Direct mailing lists that are based on a wide variety of ethnicities, as well as multiple languages spoken.
And there are so many ways to utilize this data.  Direct mailing lists for non-profit or donor mailings.  Educational mailings.  Mailings promoting apparel.  Insurance offers.  Financial products.  Just about any offer provided in English may be just as or even more effective.
We can also include other selects to target your list such as age, income, gender plus hobbies and interests.
Direct mailing lists – as well as telemarketing and email lists – are our specialty at Dundee Data. Our representatives are trained to seek out the best direct mailing list and list segments for your offer.  Call us today at 402-884-6716, or email us at info@dundeedata.com.  We can help you get to the right people – not matter what the ethnicity or language spoken.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Feliz Navidad!  Whatever holiday you or your clients are promoting – to whatever audience in whatever language – call us today.  We can help you get to the right people at the right price!
Contact a Dundee Data sales representative today for more information!

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