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Use Direct Mail for Affordable and Successful Results

February 17, 2017 • Dundee Data

Direct Mail is a powerful marketing tool. And, when executed in a strategic manner, is effective at producing fruitful results. At Dundee Data, we provide expertly compiled direct mail lists for many different types of businesses. But how can these direct mail lists benefit your business/organization? First, we’ll start with explaining direct mail. Direct mail […]

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Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns with Direct Mailing Lists

January 22, 2017 • Dundee Data

Marketing campaigns are executed by almost every business to increase brand-awareness and business. And a direct marketing campaign – properly planned and executed – is proven, effective and affordable, as opposed to many campaigns that are meant for a broader market. What makes marketing “direct”, or direct mailings “direct”, is that it goes directly to […]

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