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Use Direct Mail for Affordable and Successful Results

February 17, 2017 • Dundee Data • Direct Mailing Lists

Direct Mail is a powerful marketing tool. And, when executed in a strategic manner, is effective at producing fruitful results. At Dundee Data, we provide expertly compiled direct mail lists for many different types of businesses. But how can these direct mail lists benefit your business/organization?

First, we’ll start with explaining direct mail. Direct mail is a marketing tool that allows businesses/organizations to directly communicate with customers and prospects. A message is thoughtfully crafted and added to a mailing that is sent. The goal is to get the message to recipients from a targeted direct mailing list quickly and inexpensively.

Direct mail is ideal because of its affordability and time-tested success. And while you may be questioning direct mail’s effectiveness because you believe we live in the era of the Internet… consider how many people are not directly touched by your website when doing a Google search for your products/services. A piece of direct mail is a physical object that someone interacts with. People tend to respond to things they can touch, and if the direct mail piece does its job properly, the recipient may set it aside to think about later and act as a physical reminder of your products or services.

Direct mail is effective when guided by experts. Allow Dundee Data to provide your business/organization with a targeted direct mailing list and assist in creating a message that will appeal to your targeted audience.

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