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Excellent Customer Service

March 2, 2012 • Dundee Data

Excellent customer service is the single most important quality a sales person can possess.  If you are a good sales person, you can sell anything to anyone, but it will be how good your customer service is that will determine whether you can sell that product to that same person or company over and over […]

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The Boss

May 10, 2011 • Dundee Data

As we sit here and reflect upon our Mothers day, and those that have helped mold us, it makes me think of one of the golden rules our Mothers teach us from the very beginning.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  I think this should apply to business as well, however many […]

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The Importance of Good Customer Service

March 29, 2011 • Dundee Data

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it’s important to provide good customer service, it’s what keeps your clients coming back.  So, what are you doing to provide good customer service and retain your customers?  Think about this, the last person to buy from you is the one who is most likely to […]

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