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Using Personalization for Effective Campaigns

April 16, 2013 • Dundee Data • Marketing Campaigns

In the age of technology, online advertising has become increasingly personalized and tailored to each recipient. Personalized advertising has proven time and time again, whether online or print, to be more effective than non-personalized advertising attempts. While it takes more effort to create a personalized marketing campaign, the higher ROI is certainly a great reward.

Of course, a successful personalized marketing campaign begins with a targeted mailing list. Many companies already have a current customer database from which to work, providing an easy means for personal advertising. But to reach beyond a current customer base, Dundee Data provides additional prospects through professionally compiled targeted consumer mailing lists.

The next component is a smart approach. Understanding how to use the information known about prospects on a targeted mailing list is important in creating a personal, but not intrusive, campaign. Depending on the type of business, service or product being advertised – a direct mailing piece may be too personal. If a prospect may think you know too much about them or their lives, the mailing may have an adverse effect.

At Dundee Data we understand how to create targeted mailing lists, and how to create a personal and effective direct mailing campaign that will speak to prospect’s pains… without scaring them away. If personalization is used discerningly, it can be one of the best ways a company can connect with potential customers.

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