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Data Enhancement for More Accurate Results

April 2, 2013 • Dundee Data • Marketing Campaigns

Many companies who consider a campaign using targeted consumer lists already have a list in place. Whether from a current customer database or a previously purchased targeted mailing list, each time a campaign is planned with a list, it should be reanalyzed and updated.

At Dundee Data we call this data enhancement. By looking at a company’s current targeted consumer mailing lists we can assist with updating the list to the most relevant and recent information. There are several ways we can enhance a consumer mailing list. First, we look at the target demographic… their lifestyles and the habits they exhibit. What are their hobbies? What do they do with their free time?

Along with lifestyle specifics, we analyze demographic data. This includes geographic location, age, income, gender. These variables can be overlaid on a current targeted mailing list to produce greater accuracy and response rate. The more specific a mailing list the less likely postage and paper will be wasted on lack of response.

General data management is also important with targeted consumer mailing lists. Our resources allow us to ensure that addresses are as accurate as possible. Additionally, address duplication is a waste of time and money. We can assist with merging any in-house or outside lists, including purchased lists.

While targeted consumer mailing lists are a great source for marketing campaigns, many companies also need to use targeted telephone lists or email lists. We can assist in data enhancement for either of those, as well. Our sources allow us to verify numbers or even add phone numbers to an existing consumer list. We can also append email addresses to an existing file, or also create a new targeted email list.

Our data enhancement services are based on each company’s specific need. Each company needs to reanalyze existing lists before a campaign to ensure its success. Our resources allow us to successfully enhance consumer lists for a successful marketing campaign.

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