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Exposure is Key, Content is KING!!!!

October 26, 2010 • Dundee Data

In a world of cell phones, social platforms and every other way to communicate at the tip of our finger tips, how do you market? Marketing has taken a turn for the advanced and if you do not jump on board you will get left behind at the bus stop with your pager. Consumers are […]

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Save struggling borrowers from FORECLOSURE!

October 18, 2010 • Dundee Data

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett recently wrote to his shareholders, “Commentary about the housing crisis often ignores the crucial fact that most foreclosures do not occur because a house is worth less than its mortgage (so-called ‘upside-down’ loans). Rather, foreclosures take place because borrowers can’t pay the monthly payment that they agreed to pay.” Due to […]

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Insurance Companies Sell More Policies

October 11, 2010 • Dundee Data

Hello I am Kirk McCormick, I have been working with Insurance companies on direct mail campaigns for the last 8 years. We have a proven track record to help Insurance companies sell more policies using our Multi-auto/Homeowner leads. I started with a small insurance company in New York and now work with over a 1,000 […]

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Back to School?

October 5, 2010 • Dundee Data

With children recently returning to the classrooms to begin a new school year, the term “back to school” has been all over the internet, radio, TV and social media. Summer is over, many have taken their vacation time and are back in the office, and it’s time to get back to the grind. Yet, in […]

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