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Crafting Targeted Mailers for Targeted Marketing Leads

July 28, 2016 • Dundee Data • Targeted Marketing Lead Info

When creating direct mailings to send to a list of targeted marketing leads there are many formatting choices, including self-mailer brochures, letter packages, postcards or even jumbo self-mailers. Formatting and design are important; but with strategic design should also be a powerful offer with thoughtful content.

When it comes to direct mailings, in-your-face design isn’t always better. Depending on the audience and the message, bright colors may be appropriate, or a bold message may be needed, or – in some cases – even a conservative approach may be more appropriate. To select an effective design, it’s crucial to understand the target market – from age, to gender, to family size to type of car they drive.

Mailer content is also unique to the target market and to the service/offer. Some mailers may only need a coupon, while others may need more specific information on a business or service. Offers can be powerful – for instance a BOGO offer (which is designed to bring in sales); while more service related businesses may prefer to provide more of an informational mailing piece.

The targeted mailing list experts at Dundee Data can assist in providing targeted marketing leads, can educate business professionals on their market and can help craft a powerful message. A successful targeted mailing list campaign includes these key components, so be sure to hire an experienced professional for maximum return on investment.

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