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Mailing List Strategies for Targeted Marketing Leads

April 6, 2015 • Dundee Data • Targeted Mailing List Info

Too many dollars are spent each year on targeted mailing list campaigns, only for direct mailings to go unopened and in the trash. An accurate and professionally compiled list of targeted marketing leads is important – but just as important, is an effective strategy when marketing to this targeted group.

Once the defined target is identified and a targeted mailing list is compiled, it’s time to figure out the message of the campaign. With little time to capture the prospects’ attention, a simple and powerful offer is key. It’s also important to clearly lay out the recipients next steps. Are they to visit a website, visit a store or send a donation?

Along with a clear message to these targeted marketing leads – the contact should be memorable. Creativity goes a long way, especially within the potential piles of mail a prospect may receive in a given day. Well-designed postcards with a clear call to action will likely capture prospects’ attention. A higher response rate is likely when using every inch of the post card effectively. Once the mailing has been sent to a targeted mailing list, follow-up is recommended with each recipient. This can often double the response rate.

It can be difficult for businesses to create and manage these types of targeted mailing lists and campaigns. Our experts at Dundee Data not only create and manage these consumer mailing lists, but assist companies in developing and executing a strategy to targeted marketing leads.

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