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Managing Consumer Mailing Lists

March 19, 2013 • Dundee Data • Consumer Mailing List Info

Managing consumer mailing lists isn’t fun, it isn’t glamorous and it’s certainly not easy. Many companies put time and energy into its targeted mailing list, only to find that the list and campaign are unsuccessful in the end.

There are a couple components that can ensure a well-managed list. First, the initial mailing list should be targeted to a specific demographic. Companies or marketers understand this necessity, but often don’t understand the details needed to produce success. It’s not only about producing a list based on geographic area, gender and age. Targeted consumer mailing lists are also about past purchasing history, response reliability, if the consumer will react to this method of marketing, etc.

Secondly, after a campaign with a targeted mailing list has started, it’s important to ensure that the list is kept up-to-date and consistently growing. At Dundee Data, we can help keep you organized with an online count ordering system, through which clients can purchase up-to-date and reliable mailing lists. With an understanding of list building and a multitude of resources, these lists are managed for you and updated on a monthly basis.

If compiling mailing lists isn’t your passion and you don’t find it fun – don’t do it! Success increases and stress decreases if you have confidence in prospects to which you are investing time and resources.

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