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The Value of an Accurate Auto Mailing List

March 16, 2013 • Dundee Data • Auto Mailing List Info

The success of an auto marketing campaign is often dependent upon the accuracy of the targeted consumer mailing list used. Auto lists differ from other consumer mailing lists because the purchase price of the product can be much higher, income level is crucial and lifestyle appends is a major factor for accuracy.

Auto dealers must have a specific target audience in mind based on the product. The newness, condition and size of a vehicle all matter to each prospect – but the key is defining the habits and needs of the target and market to their “pains.” A targeted auto mailing list should be tailored to this audience. Other key factors to consider are a buyer’s potential budget and ability to be approved for financing. Our lists go through an in-depth verification process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We also update our auto mailing lists through National Change of Address processing on a regular basis.

An updated and accurate list is important for all mailing list campaigns. But, bringing in qualified prospects with a strong likelihood of purchasing is extremely valuable and profitable for auto dealers. Our targeted auto mailing list experience will help produce successful campaigns to any specified demographic.

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