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Time and Money Wasted on Ineffective Lists

February 21, 2013 • Dundee Data • Marketing Campaigns

If you own or work for business who relies heavily on new prospects, how do you get new names and faces?

When new prospects are the life life-blood of a business, it’s costly and expensive for businesses to waste time on an untargeted audience.

New prospects come from word-of-mouth, advertising, networking events and mailing lists. At Dundee Data our specialty is helping businesses bring in new prospects through targeted mailing lists. In the age of technology that has brought about targeted advertising as never before, it’s important to first discover your audience, and then effectively market to them.

A consumer mailing list that is not tailored to a company is a waste of money. In small business, especially, wasted money is frustrating and wasted employee time and efficiency is equally damaging. To pull together and manage a consumer mailing list, when other things needs to be done, is difficult to justify when you’ve got a professional and willing third-party resource who can do it for you.

Targeted mailing lists are so valuable to a company who follows through with reaching out to each listing and implements an overall effective strategy.

What’s your strategy this new year?

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