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How do you want to be viewed by your customers and future customers???

March 1, 2012 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

This is a great question that all sales people have to ask themselves.  The beauty of sales is every person is different so you have to be able to adapt to each customer.  Some customers and prospects are very serious.  Cracking jokes every 5 minutes is probably not going to get you the “Rapport” that you need to have this customer as a long time customer.  Some love to kid around and make work fun(and it should be), but the end result is just that(RESULTS).  It will not matter if you’re the funniest/friendliest person on the planet, they will replace you and they should.  Building a good rapport is the most important part of a business relationship.  You need to be putting yourself on the same side of the battle line with your client.  If you show them that you have been there before and find something in common, then you will go a long way with that client.  Another good trait to have with all your business partners is “ENTHUSIASIM.”  If you can present a believable, enthusiastic approach they will be right there with you.  If you truly believe in your product they will believe in you and look at you as the “GO TO GUY” on just about all aspects of their marketing and sales plans.  So you should want to be viewed as not only a friend to your clients and prospects, but as a solution to their problems!!!

~Kirk McCormick



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