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Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

June 6, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

 Summer has began!! Well not officially, that I believe is June 21st. But for most summer has begun, and vacations are being started or planned. While working with some call centers recently, I have grown to realize that not only Vacation packages are a “Hot” topic, but that also “Spanish Speaking” is a hot topic as well.  Both in a good way!!

 Did you know ….Spanish-speaking consumers constitute the fastest growing market in United States. Combined with millions of Central and South American consumers, this new niche market is wide open to businesses willing to adapt to the times. U.S. Census statistics indicate that as recently as five years ago 11 million Hispanic immigrants had entered the United States. About 6 million are from Mexico with just over 5 million being legally documented. Most Hispanic and Latino immigrants are fleeing political persecution and economic distress and are looking for a brighter future in the U.S.

Spanish-speaking consumers are often professionals with good-paying jobs in the medical, insurance, and construction fields. Though many speak fluent English and have already found their way into local U.S. markets as consumers, many speak only Spanish or very limited English at best. It’s time that small businesses in the U.S. take a hard look at reaching this market niche.  And the good news of course, is that I am here to help.  

 ¡Espere que tenga un Verano Fantástico!!!

 ~Jules Blight


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