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Reach Doctors, Nurses and Teachers At Home

December 16, 2020 • Dundee Data • Uncategorized

During these trying times, our doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals are stretched to their human capacity.  And yet, their hours of dedication on the job does not stop the need for the products and services you offer.  And the best place to reach them these days may well be their home address.

Dundee Data Direct offers a full range of direct marketing lists and services help you send just the right offer to just the right people.  People who have proven to be great prospects for your offers.  People who have a need for your products and services.  At their business or home address.

Whether you are offering educational products or “comfort” products to help these professionals put the rigors of the day aside for a few moments, contact us at Dundee Data today.  Our representatives stand ready to help you in all aspects of your campaign . . . from targeted marketing and mailing lists to printing and mailing services.

Go to www.dundeedata.com, or give us a call at 402-884-6716
And the next time you see a doctor, nurse, teacher – say “THANK YOU!”
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