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August 13, 2018 • Dundee Data • Direct Mailing Lists, Dundee Data News

Whether it’s people of a certain age, income or with certain unique characteristics, the direct mail marketing professional is always on the lookout for the right people.  Dundee Data offers you the tools and experience to do just that.

Going back to the early days of direct mail marketing – I’m thinking about the early catalogers – the objective has always been to find the people most likely to buy your products or services.  Sure, the catalog has thousands of items, but the mailers were still looking for people with the interest and the means to buy.

The methods have evolved over the years.  Telemarketing became the rage a few years back.  Today, email marketing – and even social media marketing – have become quite popular.  But the objective is still the same: find the people who will buy.

Through the relationships we have developed in our ten plus years of service, we are able to offer you a myriad of selects at a price that fits the needs of you and your clients for maximum return on investment.  Whether your marketing plans call for direct mail, telemarketing or email blasts, we can help you target just the right people.

For example, an auto dealer wants to promote their service center to people who own particular vehicles within particular years.  We offer highly accurate auto data to meet that need.  Or are you seeking people who are in financial trouble (i.e. high debt, tax liens, bankruptcy, etc.)?  Even if you are looking for specific titles within a business to market your products to, we can help you locate the right person at the right time.

Contact Dundee Data Direct today and let us help you increase your sales!

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