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Don’t Let A Tornado Stop You From Doing Your Direct Mail

July 10, 2017 • Dundee Data • Direct Mailing Lists, Dundee Data News

As many of you may know, Omaha was hit by a tornado a few weeks ago. More specifically, the neighborhood I live in. :O After living in the Midwest most of my life, I never really thought I would ever actually experience one. To say the very least, it was scary!! But I am sooo thankful that no one was hurt or died in the tornado. I know you may be thinking, to have to deal with this experience is horrible Jules, but how does this tie in with Direct Mail and Marketing lists?

Can I just tell you the direct mail pieces we received in the days following the tornado were enormous! Roofers, Siding Companies, and Landscaping Companies just to name a few.

These Companies did not let a Tornado stop them from using Direct Mail. I am certain they had specific demographics and geography pulled to say the least. I know they also had people walking the neighborhood to pass out their information until the police closed the neighborhood to only people who lived in them. Again, Direct Mail and Marketing Lists came into save the day for those companies.  We are recovering well; in fact, our new roof for our house should be finished soon. I am grateful and glad to help your Company with Direct Mail and Marketing Lists. I too am not going to let a Tornado stop me from providing you and your company with the best service and Mailing List.

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Jules and Toto.


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