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Your Direct Mail Personal Trainer

January 13, 2017 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Happy New Year!! We are almost 2 weeks into the New Year and 70% of all New Year’s resolutions have been broken!!  I am glad that I am part of the 30% still holding Strong!! My Goal was to Eat Healthier, Cut down on processed foods and drink more water. I want to be a healthier version of who I was in 2016, Don’t get me wrong I was healthy in 2016, but I always want to improve. Isn’t that what most Businesses also want??

I think it safe to say that most Businesses think like I do. Most Businesses wish to be Stronger and Healthier than they were the year before. They wish to continue with their current clients/customers, building a strong, and growing mutually beneficial relationship with clients/customers going into 2017.

Great News, as Your Business is Revving up and making a plan for a Strong and Healthy 2017 we have what it takes to assist you. I guess you can say we are like a business “Personal Trainer.”

As a Personal trainer does, we first want to evaluate where one is at, what the strengths and weaknesses are. What are attributes we could improve to enhance the over all “health” and reach the goals we wish to achieve?

A good Business evaluation done by Dundee Data could include a client profile. These profiles let us know who your Best Clients are. What are their attributes and what % of these clients make up your total client base?

Once evaluated and we see your client’s best attributes, we are able to formulate a plan to reach more clients like your best clients via Direct Mail.  Some companies will sell a list for direct mail, without knowing whom you really need to reach for optimal results.

At Dundee Data we feel, that just like a personal trainer gets to know each client’s strengths and weakness to come up with plan for optimal results, it is our job to help you increase on strengths and strengthen you weaknesses so when 2017 Ends your Direct Mail Campaigns were a success, and performing better than they have before.

I personally believe Your Success is my Success.

I look forward to the opportunity to be Your Business’s Personal Trainer for 2017. I wish Your Direct Mail Campaigns to perform better than they ever have!!

Cheers to a Stronger Healthier 2017!!



Jules B.

Senior Executive

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