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Consider Targeted Mailings in 2017

December 13, 2016 • JM Web Designs • Targeted Mailing List Info

As 2017 approaches, it’s time to begin considering how to reach your sales goals for next year. Pulling together a revenue goal and a prospect goal, as well as a campaign for reaching them, should be top-of-mind. Consider, for a moment, how targeted direct mailing could help you reach your goals.

Sending direct mail to targeted marketing leads is cost-effective and hassle-free when you use Dundee Data. Dundee Data can compile a targeted mailing list, design the mailer, send the mailer and track the campaign results.

You may have a list of targeted marketing leads from years past, but it’s important to have this list updated, or at least check it against the National Change of Address file – which Dundee Data can do for you. Additionally, there are many options when it comes to size, material and colors of mailers. Our targeted mailing list experts can select something that’s right for your budget and your audience.

We are confident that our services can help businesses meet their marketing and revenue goals for 2017. Direct mailing is an effective advertising tool, and one that should be thoughtfully considered.

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