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Holiday Family Time Is A Great Time To Grow Your Insurance Business

December 9, 2016 • Dundee Data • Consumer Mailing List Info, Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info, Targeted Marketing Lead Info

Holidays are a time when we reflect on our families and think of the precious time we have with these loved ones.  We all ultimately desire more time but we know from life experience that we won’t live forever and time is fleeting.

From a marketing standpoint, holidays are a great time to market for family-oriented businesses like dentists, doctors and yes… insurance agents.

Often when we think about our families, we are open to the idea of keeping them safe and will do what we can to provide a haven for their future.  Insurance agents need to be able to target the right people to help provide that haven.  Targeting your clients correctly can make all the difference in approaching a delicate subject like life insurance and the many other insurances that deal with casualty and life altering situations.

When you reach out for a targeted marketing list you want to be assured that you are working with a broker that understands your audience and the sensitivity that often is needed for approaching theses families.  Through experience, empathy and thousands of industry connections, we can assure you that we will utilize the best possible data to put your marketing efforts in the hands of people that are open and receptive to your message.  Targeted mailing lists and emails are not a one size fits all form of reaching clients.  You need to work someone with experience and longevity in the field.

Contact us today and we will help you reach the right people for your business!

Here is another great idea for insurance and service related businesses…

Clean Up Your Database

Inaccurate data can kill a marketing campaign dead in its tracks. Bad data wastes time, effort and money.  These four steps will help you get started (the hardest part!) and guide you along a path to a streamlined database that can be leveraged for more advanced segmentation, detailed reporting, and dynamic content opportunities.

Step 1: Audit

As a first step, make a list of every data source feeding your marketing database and include how frequently that information is updated as well as the data fields that are exchanged. Identify any data sources that are no longer needed, contain relic data points, or need to be updated.

Also identify if there are additional locations, like Facebook or during checkout, where you are not asking people to subscribe. The initial version of this document may be cumbersome to build, but it will serve as a guide for ongoing database management.

Step 2: Consolidate

Now that you have a list of data fields each data source passes to your database, locate any duplicate data fields and determine which data source is more accurate and up-to-date. Are any of these sources passing information, such as middle initial or phone number, which you will not use for personalization, dynamic content, segmentation or reporting? If so, it’s just cluttering up your data.

Step 3: Clean

Removing data that is “nice to know” but not contributing to your marketing efforts may require some work, but once completed, processes will be more streamlined and you will decrease the risk of using incorrect or outdated fields for segmentation, dynamic content or personalization. If your database is housed by your email service provider, consult with them on the best way to safely remove the data.

Step 4: Structure

Now that you have tidied up data fields, review your database structure. Perhaps your email program began with one master list containing all of your subscribers but now you segment that list for specific campaigns like a weekly newsletter, special alerts, or clearance offers.

Take the time to create a list structure that reflects the opt-in options available to subscribers. Adopting this structure will help you better understand list growth and attrition for each program while having the option to opt-in or out of each program will provide a smooth user experience.

Every database is unique but I guarantee that there is potential to clean and better organize every one of them. Archive the documentation from this process and revisit it quarterly to determine whether there have been changes in your data landscape that would warrant repeating these steps.

Let us know if you need help.  We are experts at targeted marketing leads and mailing lists and good, strong data is our lifeblood.

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