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Executing, Evaluating and Evolving Targeted Mailing List Campaigns

November 28, 2016 • JM Web Designs • Targeted Mailing List Info

When marketing efforts don’t go well, it’s easy to throw the entire idea out the window. However, when it comes to direct mailing campaigns to targeted mailing lists, don’t give up too easily. It’s likely that with a little tweaking, a direct mailing campaign can produce excellent results.

First, carefully consider your targeted marketing lead list. If you’re not mailing to the right audience – they will not respond. Working with an experienced company like Dundee Data will produce a targeted mailing list compiled of ideal customers with a greater likelihood of responding to your offer.

Once your targeted marketing leads are confirmed, consider your offer – the incentive for recipients to take action. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ask what would make you pick up the phone or click a link on your computer/mobile device.

Lastly, consider the design. The copy and the design for a mailing must not be predictable or boring, or obscured by the way the piece is presented. The design and copy should enhance the message, instead of distract.

Allowing a professional targeted marketing lead company like Dundee Data to assist in designing a direct mailing campaign will help increase success and produce results. Executing, evaluating and evolving targeted mailing list campaigns is how Dundee Data has become a leader in the targeted mailing list industry.

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