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How to Maximize Your Investment with Direct Mail

November 2, 2016 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info, Targeted Marketing Lead Info

Design Useful Mailers

There are many ideas to create mailers that are useful, you often see them on your friend’s and family’s refrigerators or bulletin boards.  These types of mailers are hard to throw away when they contain information that is interesting to the client and a gentle reminder that you are there for them.  If you are a dentist, maybe a useful reminder on at home tooth care with recommendations to schedule appointments for tooth care.  If you are a doctor, maybe a good hygiene and exercise reminder with a call to action of annual physicals and flu shots.  There many ideas out there, the key is to try and have your clients get past the 3-5 second average viewing time that is common with most direct mail.


Think Local Be Neighborly

In many service based businesses, local is key to return business.  But to take that a step further, doing business with a neighborly mindset will set you apart from others in the area.  Send mailers that cue people on local events, local trivia, scenic hotspots or other hyper local content.  People appreciate breathtaking photos of their surrounding areas. Talk about specific scheduled events like street decorating, street sweeping, tree lighting ceremonies and other community gatherings.  This will allow potential clients to identify with your business as truly being ‘neighborly’.


Strong Call to Action

Your direct mailer must include effective calls-to-action (CTAs). These have to be compelling to people and clearly tell them what you want him or her to do. Repeat the CTA several times in a visually obvious way, since recipients often skim and may miss this critical element. Using a “P.S.” section and sidebars to briefly reiterate your offer and CTA in brief has a proven track record of improving response rates, as do the old standbys of scarcity and urgency.


Multiple Ways to Respond

Give the potential client more than one method to respond to your mailer. This means postage-paid postcards, order-form inserts, coupons that can be used in-person and online, phone numbers for placing orders, and as many ways as possible to respond using a mobile phone—QR codes, unique coupon code, URLs that guide recipients to an offer landing page and many more.  Many people have different comfort levels with how they like to respond, make it easy for them.


More Info is Better

People spend more time with physical mail than with digital messages and look at a piece of paper very differently from a screen, so you can provide more information. This is especially important since you’re most likely trying to close a sale rather than just capture contact information. Thus, include all the information needed for the potential client to make the decision you want. Including clear and attractive images is very helpful in supporting that. Remember that your message has to be customer-centric, concentrating on the benefits the recipient will find valuable, such as value, convenience, peace of mind, quality, etc., rather than on your offering’s features. Authentic testimonials are very effective social proofs, especially if accompanied by pictures of the people offering them.

Remember your message here has to be customer centric concentrating on the benefits that the person would find of value, conscience, piece of mind, quality, etc… rather than your offering features.



Obviously, in our business, we can’t stress the importance of a quality list enough.  At Dundee Data, we will make sure you mailing list is as targeted and accurate as possible.  You can do everything else right in the book but if you don’t have a quality list, your chances of getting your mailer in the right hands is merely a ‘crap shoot’.  Work with us and we will take the guess work out of mailing lists using our expert level team and decades of experience.  Targeted marketing leads from Dundee Data, when mixed with all of the ideas above, will provide top return on your investment.

Remember, direct mail is an extremely effective channel that when used properly can yield excellent results for your business. But it’s important to focus on building a direct mail campaign that is personalized, relevant, and well-executed with quality targeted mailing lists for your target audience.


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Sales Executive
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