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Do Targeted Email Marketing the Right Way

October 5, 2016 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Email Lists, Targeted Marketing Lead Info

email-marketing-servicesDon’t believe the hype… If you’ve read about all the negative aspects of email marketing lists and it has you thinking of avoiding that aspect of an email marketing campaign, then you are MISSING OUT! Let Dundee Data show you how to do Targeted Email Marketing the Right Way.

Email marketing lists are an incredible tool for any small business that wishes to build their client base through online marketing methods. There are a few key aspects of targeted email marketing lists that many businesses don’t consider when thinking about using lists to supplement a client base.

You can precisely target your audience based on key demographic and behavioral traits to focus on future clients most receptive to your products/services. Some key target areas are:

Geography – Grouping by location is great for national and global sales. This allows you to create custom emails based on seasonal factors or newsworthy events in the selected area.

Previous purchases – Sending targeted follow-up emails to customers who have made purchases from you is a prime opportunity to gain another sale. You know what they just bought, and you know what they’ll need to go with it.

Seniority – Sorting your list by how long each subscriber has been with you is a good idea to keep seasoned buyers and new customers separate. As mentioned above, each of these segments needs to be addressed differently.

Industry – A targeted email list subdivided by industry is especially helpful for business-to-business lead generation. A flooring company might have customers both in a dental office and a meat packing plant, but it should address them differently according to their different needs.

The potential each highly responsive prospects that have shown an interest in your type of products/services but haven’t made a purchase is only possible when you use targeted marketing leads.

Purchasing lists from a full-service mailing list broker allows your email to be delivered using experts in mail campaign deployment.  You can count on increased click-through-rates and limited bounces when you work with a trusted company versus garnering a list on your own and sending it from your own servers.  Let the pro’s help you navigate through the email marketing world.

With Dundee Data you are getting a team of the absolute best list brokers in the business.  We take the time to listen and work with you to assure that your campaign is successful. We work with only the best data houses in the country and you can rest assured that our email team will stop at nothing to ensure a successful marketing campaign and an email list is a top priority.

Let us put your targeted marketing leads in great hands.  Contact Dundee Data today for your targeted mailing lists and email lists.

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