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How is a Targeted Mailing List Connected to Gardening?

May 5, 2016 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info

With Spring being upon us, with Rain, Blooming trees, Allergies, you name it, Spring is here. I don’t know about you but I like to Garden, and now is the time to start getting things ready. When getting ready to organize what I want in my garden, I have to make sure I have all the seeds for my garden. It struck me that our clients have proverbial “Gardens “of their own.  Many of our clients have customers/clients that they would like more of, and some of course that they would like less of.

Well in gardening, if I wish to have more of a certain vegetable I need to plant more like that vegetable. Planting seeds to get more customers/clients works the same way.

First we have to know what it is we want, sometimes we need to know more specifics about it, for example tomatoes, there are many kinds of tomatoes to plant, just like there are many kinds of clients/customers, but if we know more specifics about customers/clients then we can know how to market to those specifically, to increase R.O.I. /increase our “Gardens” beautiful growth.

At Dundee Data, I can assist with this by many different means;

  1. I can do a customer/client profile for you, so you know what “seeds” you currently have.
  2. With Dundee Data’s Targeted Mailing Lists I can help you select specifics to find more “seeds” that you would like to see in Your “Garden.”

I know all this sounds like common sense, and it is. You would be surprised on how many customers/clients do not take the time to know their customers/clients, thus ending up with a Garden that they do not like, with their marketing efforts. I guess you could say it’s like planting seeds and not knowing what they are, how they grow best. No wonder their “Garden” is not blooming their Business so to speak.

I am no Martha Stewart, or Gardner extraordinaire, but I do know I can help my Customers/Clients grow their “Garden” by pulling the best Targeted mailing lists for their needs, for their BLOOMING BOOMING GARDEN!!

Contact me today so I can help your “Garden Grow”

Happy MAY!!




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