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Leap Forward with Targeted Mailing Lists

March 2, 2016 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info

While home with my son who was a little under the weather, and while celebrating my “Leap Year” Birthday, we watched some movies.

One of my son’s favorite movies is “Meet the Robinsons” where the main character’s mantra is “Keep Moving Forward.”

We are beginning the last month of the first quarter of the year. What are your goals for this year, for this first quarter?

Are your goals moving along as quickly as you planned or had wished for? Remember, we have to  “Keep Moving Forward!!!”

Here are some ideas on how you and your company can “Keep Moving Forward.”


  • Look over your Goals, what steps can you take?


  • Does it include increasing your customer base?


  • Does it include knowing more about your best clients, so you can attract more like them to increase your customer base? Then let me assist you by doing a client profile for you. One that will tell you what your best clients look like


  • The next step I would like to assist you with is providing you a targeted mailing list to assist you in your marketing needs.


I love that because I am a broker I am not limited to where I can go to get you the best targeted mailing list that is tailored specifically for your needs, regardless if is a targeted consumer mailing list, business mailing list, and one of my personal favorites an Automotive Mailing list.

Because of the relationships Dundee Data has built, we can offer premium data and very competitive pricing.

Which results in you getting and achieving the best R.O.I.

Which indeed equals not only Putting your Best Foot Forward but also helps you continue to “Keep Moving Forward” in spectacular fashion!!

And you know this Leap Year Gal loves Spectacular Fashion!!


Cheers to a Phenomenal & Fabulous  Spring,


Jules B.

Senior Executive

J. Edwin Brown


Dundee Data

1306 North 150th Street

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