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Why’s, What’s and How’s of Your Targeted Mailing Lists for 2015

January 14, 2015 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info

As a mother of a very inquisitive young man, I have heard many “Why’s, What’s and How’s questions.”  What does that mean?”  And “How does that work?”…  As I was getting ready to write my blog, I got to thinking… hmmmm, these questions also fit well with what I do here at Dundee Data.

For example… Let’s put out there…”Targeted Mailing Lists.” What does a Targeted Mailing List mean to you and your business?  To me it means that my aim is for reaching a group of potential customers for my clients who are defined by certain shared attributes.  What their best customers look like.  The attributes they share can be anything from age, online shopping frequency, children, and political affiliation.  Furthermore, I can choose to be as specific as the client chooses in narrowing down the targeted mailing group to create a more economical campaign.  This is because one can avoid wasting money contacting people unlikely to have an interest in the product or business.  And naturally, a person avoids wasting valuable business time and money reaching out to the wrong customers. I think one can safely say that is a good “Why.”

And the best … “How does it work?”

This is where I come in, it is my job to find out more about whom you are wishing to reach, and fine-tune that request to get you the best Targeted Mailing List.  I love this and it makes me happy that Targeted Mailing Lists and Targeted Telephone Lists are considered to be higher in cost effectiveness than alternative advertising methods.  Not only are the ads/calls unlikely to be ignored, but the marketer then has the opportunity to shape the ad in a way that best appeals to a particular consumer group. Clearly, this method is far superior to just sending out an ad to some random people, even if that group is larger.  Thus, it is a matter of quality, and not quantity.  With that being said, effective Targeted Mailing List advertising to even a relatively small group can have a very lucrative result.  Added to this, is the money one saves while avoiding wasting more time.

Isn’t it nice to know that Dundee Data and I can assist you with Your Targeted Mailing List needs??

Let’s start this New Year, 2015 off RIGHT!!!

I can assist you with this.  For example, on a Targeted Consumer Mailing List, I would help you choose to build a list of consumers based on local consumer data or local business data.  This can be done as easily as indicating the area on a map, and then selecting the demographics one desires.  Demographics refer to data that statistically defines the population.  For example, we can select by education, or age, and even sorted by the amount of household income.  These are just some of the examples.

So there you have it the “Why” a Targeted Mailing List. The “What Does that Mean?”  And “How does that work?”

I hope this was helpful.

I look forward to conversing with you soon, so we can build a Mutually Beneficial Relationship.


Jules B.

Senior Executive

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Dundee Data

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