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Utilize Strategic and Targeted Mailing Lists and Have a Strong Fourth Quarter

November 4, 2014 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info, Targeted Marketing Lead Info

As Most of you know I am in Nebraska, otherwise known as Husker Nation!!  Love this time of year and love watching both college and NFL football with friends.  Boy oh boy we have had some nail biting fourth quarters this year.  And like all fourth quarters, I know how important they are, regardless if it is a Husker Game, or Marketing and Sales.  Fourth Quarters are important to win the game and also important to help keep up a positive momentum for the future!!

As we enter the fourth and final marketing quarter of the year, companies look back at the year’s marketing activities to evaluate results and begin planning for the year to come.  These strategic end of year activities, while necessary, often cause a shift in focus and lead to a decline in fourth quarter marketing campaigns.  Just as it is important to look ahead, it is equally as important not to lose focus on the present.  To keep our mind on the “game we are in now.”  I am glad and happy to assist in the fourth quarter for all of you by being able to offer you Targeted Mailing Lists. What better way to beat your competitor than by constantly improving and increasing revenue and relationships!!

At Dundee Data we know that Your Marketing in the Fourth Quarter is often times more crucial and important than any other quarter.  Whether it is a Consumer Mailing List, an Auto Mailing List (boy do I love making a difference in this arena), or a Targeted Mailing List, I am here to keep you in the game while planning on the next one!!

Marketing Momentum

Out of sight, out of mind. Whether you are working on your final push for a sale in 2014, or ramping up for a busy first quarter, it is important your products/services remain top of mind with your customers and prospects. Key to this is ongoing communications with your target audience to avoid missed opportunities. Throughout the fourth quarter, make sure you continue to implement and nurture campaigns to those prospects who are qualified, but not sales ready and to those customers who have potential for cross-sell/up-sell.  Keep your communications consistent, leveraging your brand for quick recognition.  Plus, ensure your messaging hits home by segmenting your database and communications to closely target areas of interest.  I can help you do this, and I can help you append to your current database so you can know more about your current customers.   And because I am a broker I am not limited to where I can go to get you a list of more prospects that look like your current best customers.

Market Strong All Year Long

Whether you are looking to wrap up the year with a win, or gain a head start on the year to come, remember to keep your marketing efforts strong all year long, including those often forgotten fourth quarter months.  Be in the right place at the right time by ensuring ongoing, consistent communications with your audience to build and maintain brand recognition and consistently communicate your value proposition.  Avoid marketing backtracking caused by the absence of your marketing message and continue to propel your marketing forward.

Looking for fourth quarter marketing ideas to generate targeted marketing leads, drive revenue and deliver real results?

Then it is time to contact me, Jules Blight at Dundee Data., 402 502 5478 jules@dundeedata.com

I promise to help you get in, stay in the game, and rise to the top.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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