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Creating a Successful Targeted Email List Campaign

November 4, 2014 • Dundee Data • Targeted Mailing List Info

Targeted mailing lists for marketing purposes are often used for direct mailings, but are also regularly used for email marketing. Targeted marketing leads need to be carefully compiled and enhanced before any email marketing campaign begins.

Just as with any marketing campaign, a knowledgeable team and support system are important for success. Direct mail campaigns and email marketing campaigns are two different beasts. Many nightmares occur when a support system isn’t put in place to handle things like bounces, duplicate addresses, server issues, etc.

Our team at Dundee Data is well aware of all the risks that come into place for all kinds of consumer targeted mailing list campaigns – including that of targeted consumer email lists. We are able to append email address to an existing file, while also checking the accuracy of the address and the demographic as it pertains to your target audience.

Just as with postcards or other forms of outreach to consumers on a mailing list, the newsletter design is important. The design should enhance a message and lead consumers to easily see a call to action. The content and design go hand-in-hand to deliver a powerful message.

Possibly the most important part of an email marketing campaign is the server. It’s important to make sure a professional company stands behind a list and monitors the mailing to avoid email and server troubles. There would be nothing worse than consumers receiving an email, yet being unable to respond due to server issues. Talk about embarrassing.

Many companies have experienced issues with email campaigns, but if a campaign is strategically planned and the proper support is in place – it’s likely that campaigns with targeted marketing leads will be more successful and yield a high ROI.

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