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Targeted Mailing Lists for Insurance Companies

September 9, 2014 • Dundee Data • Targeted Mailing List Info

Insurance is an industry experiencing constant growth and success. All consumers need insurance of some form; and while insurance is needed by nearly everyone, when putting together a marketing campaign using targeted mailing lists, accurate data is necessary for hot leads and a successful outcome.

Targeted mailing lists can be highly effective for insurance companies because it’s cost effective and allows insurance companies control over the message they send. It also can provide a clear and measurable return. This targeted marketing list, however, should be narrowly targeted for a specific consumer to be effective.

Our mailing list experts at Dundee Data can assist in providing accurate and targeted mailing lists. Whether looking to market to auto, home or life insurance prospects, we can provide an accurate and cost-effective list with real time leads – giving insurance companies the latest and most accurate information.

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