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Targeted Mailing Lists for Home Repair

June 6, 2014 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info

The Roof…The Roof…The Roof is on fire!!!!  What does a Targeted Mailing list have to do with a Damaged Roof?

Okay, okay so the Roof is not on fire, but it may be damaged, as well as one’s siding, with all the storms across the United States. I know we were hit hard here just days ago.

Now, I am not a roofer or a siding master, but the good news is I am happy to help those that are roofers or siding installers, so they can quickly and efficiently reach those consumers that have been hit by the inclement weather many have been experiencing.

How you might be asking yourself…??

Why with Targeted Mailing Lists of course!! Please remember we are not limited to just mailing, I can also provide phone and email lists as well.

I am here to assist companies with postal, phone even email addresses, so if you are in need of a list of homeowners, or any other kind of list; I am your “Girl Friday”.  I look forward to assisting you assist others.

Chat with you soon,

In the interim have a Most Beautiful Day!


Jules B.

Senior Executive

J. Edwin Brown


Dundee Data

1306 North 150th Street

402-502-List (5478)Direct line

402-964-1276 Fax

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