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Targeted Mailing Lists for people burdened with Tax Liens

May 15, 2014 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info, Targeted Marketing Lead Info

Tax Lien Data
Targeted Mailing Lists compiled and available for automatic subscription delivery: daily, weekly, monthly, or by individual order.

We’ve all come to expect that certain targeted marketing leads and targeted mailing lists are compiled daily or weekly, so that’s not entirely unique. And the USPS demands that mailers have a valid CASS certificate and current NCOA certification, so that’s not unique by itself either. So what makes our data so special? It’s our low counts! I know, I know, you’re thinking…”Wait, what? Your low counts?!?”… but you read that right, it’s our low counts. Let me explain: Unparalleled data hygiene is what sets this file apart from the rest. Well that, and the fact that our sources are numerous!

First of all, the basics – we don’t just NCOA our file when required to, we do it every single day. And not just once either. Every single record compiled is passed through NCOA at least twice every single day (often up to 6 or 7 times in one day). This makes sure that if the address the IRS or State had on file for the debtor is 2 years old, and that person has moved 3 times since then, we get each and every subsequent address until we have the most current address available (our NCOA product is updated daily too). This helps eliminate bad records too, because as time goes on and someone gets deeper and deeper in debt, the more often they move…and eventually, they don’t file a Change of Address with the post office – and end up being “moved, no forwarding address”. If your data isn’t run through NCOA multiple times, you could be mailing to an address that was three residences ago, even though your list supplier or mail house runs it through NCOA. Also, any order shipped containing legacy data is NCOA’d same day, just to ensure that you have the most current possible addresses in your file.

Then there is our proprietary duplicate detection system, hand written by our own list wizards; we find duplicate debtors that the other guys miss… a lot of them. More than 40% of people who have a lien filed against them today will have another lien filed against them in coming weeks and months. The commercial, off the shelf, software that most mailing houses use don’t catch these duplicates. With postage going up [seemingly] every day, every extra piece mailed might just be the straw that .. well, you know the rest. Not only that, these debtors are already less responsive, because they’ve been being propositioned since their very first lien was made public. Most of these ‘prospects’ either already signed with someone or are never going to deal with their liens until absolutely forced to.

Did you know that more than 75% of all tax liens filed are for less than $10,000? I’m sure you do know that almost zero Tax Resolution firms handle debtors with less than $10K in owed taxes. We know that too, so we ditch most of those baby liens along the compilation road.

Of course, we run all the addresses through DPV too, and omit all the undeliverables.

So, at the end of the day, even though we gather data from more courthouses than the other guys, we end up selling you fewer records. You end up printing less, buying less postage, and overall getting a better ROI. What’s not to like about that?  Top quality targeted marketing leads and targeted mailing lists!


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