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Thank you Dundee Data

April 16, 2014 • Dundee Data • Testimonials

I just want you to know that I REALLY appreciated how thorough my sales representative was on our last order.  There was some confusion between her and me on the exact list I needed.  When I received the first list, it was not what I had intended.
We were in a BIG hurry to get the list, as the 5000 mailing pieces were already here in our office, ready to be processed.  Since the data supplier could not easily perform the extraction I wanted and would have to send it out to accomplish it (delay of course), she asked them to send me the whole list of 9163 so that we could keep to the timetable we had promised our client and told them that we would only use the 5000 we requested.  They were kind enough to agree to my request.
I REALLY appreciated her going to bat for me and getting the desired list quickly.  We processed the 5000 pieces early this afternoon and the project is being delivered as I am writing this.
Kudos to Dundee Data!!
~a midwest marketing company

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