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Targeted Mailing Lists, Targeted Marketing Leads in the New Year

January 6, 2014 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Targeted Mailing List Info

Well we made it through 2013 and the time has come.  Its 2014!!  January is a great month for many reasons.  It’s almost like the month for do overs and trying new things.  The direct marketing world keeps on changing and you have to adapt, otherwise you will get left behind.  Are any of your New Year’s resolutions related to marketing?  Are you planning on taking the time to crunch the numbers, discover what is and isn’t already working for you?  Now is the time to modify your direct-targeted marketing efforts accordingly, and your 2014 numbers will be even better than 2013.  Another priority in 2014 will be to comb over your email marketing contacts.  You will need to get rid of the bad ones that are no longer in use and clean up your old lists.  Change the creative in your marketing content.  If the customer keeps getting the same old response from you they will quickly move on as you will seem lazy and not in touch with the new direct marketing concepts to help others grow their business.  Another sure fire way to succeed not just this year but every year following:  Cold calling and networking!  If you just do these two things your book of business will grow very steadily over time.  Most people hate to cold call and simply attend new seminars or join sales network groups.  That is good news for those you want to go the extra mile.  It’s amazing how people really want to help you succeed when you have the same genuine passion to help others.  When I talk with my customers I don’t just sell them something and then forget about them for a year.  I will study what they do and ask probing questions on who is their best client, who they want to reach in the future, and what new products do they offer or plan on offering in the future.  When a client needs a good targeted mailing lists or targeted marketing leads, I make sure we pull exactly what they want to go after.  So many times marketing companies will try and guess for their client versus asking them probing questions so they can get the results they are after.  Happy selling for a great 2014!


Kirk McCormick






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