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Where Did Summer Go?

August 2, 2013 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News, Marketing Campaigns, Targeted Mailing List Info

Whewwwwwww I don’t know about you… but I have been looking high and looking low…..Trying to figure out …..

WHERE DID SUMMER GO???????  School starts in 2 weeks here in Nebraska.  Which means it is time to purchase;

New Folders.

New Pencils

New Erasers





And New Clothes…

The list goes on and on, but my lil one is soooo excited!!

Do you remember when you were little and getting all those new things for school!!!  You couldn’t wait to put everything in you desk, all organized and fun.  You couldn’t wait to make new friends!!  Everything new was fun and soooo exciting…. Ahhh to be a kid again….

Well I am not magic but I would love to make you feel like a kid again filled with excitement for new wonderful things and new wonderful friends!!

HOW? You may be asking yourself…Well let’s start with cleaning out and organizing your current client database.  Then lets do a quick profile match on your cleaned up client data base, and then…Let’s go find some new clients, that look like your best clients you currently have with one of Dundee Data’s Targeted Mailing Lists.  And please keep in mind; we are not limited to the Targeted Direct Mail or Emailing lists you may be wanting to start “Your New School Year” off right.

So do please give me a call so I can assist you in all your marketing needs…Get you filled with the excitement of a New School Year!!!  With Awesome Marketing Results, Your company may just Vote YOU 2013 HOMECOMING KING OR QUEEN!!


Jules B.

Senior Executive

J. Edwin Brown


Dundee Data

1306 North 150th Street

402-502-List (5478)Direct line

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