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How to Keep Your Customers

October 3, 2012 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Direct marketing is always changing.  Direct mail is always evolving.  New mailing lists are popping up everywhere.   But do you know what will never change?  Helping your customers grow their business no matter what the product is.  If you can convey that you have a true vested interest in your customer, they can tell.  We all are trying so hard to find new customers.  What about the customers you tried so hard to get in the first place?  So often we take them for granted until they are gone.  We should spend just as much time prospecting as we do coaching and teaching our current customers about new ideas in the market place. Let’s say your old reliable customer always orders in July of every year.  So you contact them in June just to make sure they order the same old marketing list.  Why not ask them more probing questions about the other 11 months.  Let them know about your new Business, Automotive, Mortgage, Auto Title List that they have never heard about… the worst they can say is “not interested.”  But I can guarantee you they will appreciate you trying to help.  Stay in front of your customers.  Because trust me, they are getting offers all the time.  And it takes just one temptation before they forget about you.  So what are some ways you can cement your relationships?  Ask them about their hobbies, where they grew up and about their families. Try and see if you have more in common than just being the mailing list gal or guy.  If your client has a good sense of humor, joke around with them.  We all want to buy from whom we like first and foremost.  Price is important but being there for your client is priceless.

~Kirk McCormick



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