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How can I get more conversions from my email audience?

August 17, 2012 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

~BtoB Magazine 8/16/12

Increasing your conversions is easier than you might think, but you have to consider the customer experience first. Here are some tips to boost your numbers:

 –  Present your message effectively.

You’ve spent considerable time crafting your email’s content and presenting your product/service. Pay mind to these aspects, too:

 1. Optimize the “path” to the sale. Move your audience forward by providing a sensible next step. Check out KISSmetrics’ seven conversion tips for some examples.

2. Remove the will. Including the word “will” in your marketing anchors your message in the future. As Smart Insights points out, this turns your sentence into a future promise, and that’s too abstract for some consumers.

3. Let your prices do the convincing. Pricing affects the assumptions people make about your product’s value, how likely they are to buy from you again and whether they’ll recommend you to others. Check out ConversionXL for fascinating pricing experiments to consider.

 –  Make it easy on your customer.

Your job is to simplify the process—any frustration will send your visitor back to Google.

 1. Reduce friction. Make sure your text size, colors and content work for, not against, you. Keep the copy digestible and focus on your visitors’ needs.

2. Close the gaps. Use an analytics tool to identify where you’re losing folks and patch up those holes. Eliminate these five weaknesses, and your marketing funnel will be stronger.

3. Serve up pages as quickly as possible. Your page load speed is paramount in retaining visitors. And remember, too many graphics mean a tradeoff in speed.

 –  Boost engagement.

When folks receive your email or visit your site, most aren’t giving you their full attention. Here are some ways to help keep them engaged:

 1. Be choosy about your links. When a recipient clicks a link in your email, they’re essentially leaving your email’s message behind. Consider creating custom landing pages that speak uniquely to your email audience. They’re already familiar with your brand, so you can deliver them to a deeper place in your sales funnel.

2. Don’t waste your images. Keep consistent by making your landing page and emails complementary. It’s important to use images that will help you sell something, not just break up the page.


These reminders will direct you towards more conversions, but keep in mind that a certain amount of your audience is still in the research phase. If you create a good experience for them, they’ll convert when they’re ready.

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